About Kros-Wise

Kros-Wise is a professional services and product development firm founded in 2004 with 150 full-time employees. The company headquarters is located in San Diego, California and Kros-Wise is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

Kros-Wise has extensive experience providing support to IT Programs for US Navy and other US Government Organizations, and to aviation and satellite equipment and service providers. Our team is highly experienced in IFE-C systems, service, installation design and support and the associated FAA/CAA certification. We also provide engineering design, manufacturing, testing and installation for spacecraft and satellite systems.

Kros-Wise Aviation Group

Kros-Wise Aviation & Spacecraft Systems was founded by individuals whose years of engineering and flight experience molded into a business that formed our “why”.

Within Aviation our vast experience spans from being captains in cockpits of sleek business jets to updating the otherwise bland interior of passenger accommodations to a bolder approach. Other disciplines span the overall project management of a 747 heavy check onboard commercial airliner to installation support on the military V22 Osprey.

In the Spacecraft market we solve difficult issues encountered with cutting edge (proprietary) Spacecraft that involve thermal distortion and transport via heat pipe technology, structural and positioning systems that allow precise placement of sensitive communications onboard Satellite Bus Structures. We develop new technologies that allow Spacecraft to survive major heat induced loading and remain thermally stable.


Requirements Representation & System/Service Analysis

Our team of experts can conduct research and comparison of potential new aircraft systems and provide detailed assessment of capabilities and fit for your aircraft. You can select the complete set of services or any combination of items to meet your project requirements

• Assistance in Defining your Requirements Against Available Systems

• Assistance drafting RFP

• Technical and Commercial Analysis of Proposals

• Assistance in Supplier Negotiations

• Detailed Aircraft Surveys as Needed to Verify System Compatibility

Technical Representation Services

Kros-Wise offers a variety of services to support design and installation of new aircraft systems

• STC Project Management

• Engineering supplier and integrator management

• ODA/DOA selection and management

• On-site project management and engineering support during prototype installation

• Provide on-site production installation engineering support

• Assist with MRO Contract Negotiations

Engineering Services

Kros-Wise also has extensive engineering capabilities and services to meet your needs

• 3D CAD Design

• Structural Statics Analysis

• Structural Dynamics (Composites/Metallic/Bond-Line)

• Damage Tolerance/Fatigue Analysis

• LRU Design

• Thermal Analysis

• Materials & Processes Analysis

Flight Vibration & Buffet Test

Flight vibration and buffeting tests are now required as part of IFE-Connectivity System installations. Kros-Wise can provide testing to support installation of these systems regardless of system suppler

• Test Plan & Procedures

• Coordination with DER/ODA/DOA for certification criteria

• Instrumentation Installation and Setup

• Data Acquisition

• Evaluation (Time or Frequency Domain)

• Detailed Report on Results

Bird Strike Analysis & Testing Support

Kros-Wise experts can provide services for both bird strike testing and analysis through simulation for connectivity system radomes

• Test & Plan Procedures

• Instrumentation

• Data Acquisition

• Evaluation (Time or Frequency Domain)

Kros-Wise Connectivity Assist™

Realizing that airlines require assistance with the IFC selection process, Kros-Wise has assembled a team of highly experienced staff and developed a disciplined process which can cost effectively help the airline ensure that they make the best decisions. We call this process Connectivity Assist™. Utilization of this process can save airlines millions of dollars over the term of their IFC contracts.

The diagram below provides a top-level summary of the Connectivity Assist™ process:

[click image for white paper]

[click image for white paper]

Connectivity Assist™ Process Flow

In order to accomplish the IFC supplier selection process in an efficient and timely manner, Connectivity Assist™ uses a structured process which is summarized in the diagram.
This process begins with the Kros-Wise team meeting with the airline to discuss their requirements against the IFC industry’s latest capabilities, and follows with construction of the RFP, followed by proposal review, questions to
suppliers, through to supplier selection and contract negotiations. The process utilizes standardized document formats which facilitates speed and efficiency:

connect process.jpg

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