IT Service Management

Performance Locations

San Diego, CA
Norfolk, VA
Washington, DC
Charleston, SC

Kros-Wise consistently delivers IT service management using tested processes and practices to quickly ascertain the scope and complexity of every customer’s critical, end-to-end IT requirements.

Relying on vast experience and unrivaled expertise, we measure the operational efficiency and effectiveness of proposed solutions, (carefully considering customer constraints,) and then determine the service expectation of the end-user and the IT management necessary to deliver IT solutions.

To ensure customer expectations and our performance are precisely aligned, final delivery is made only after careful comparison of stated objectives to tangible results. 


IT Services

  • IT Corporate Operations & Enterprise Solutions

  • Knowledge Management & Training

  • Technology Assessment & Implementation

  • Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Services

  • Application Development & Sustainment

  • Telecommunications, Networking Implementation and Maintenance

  • DON Cyber Security Policy Management



  • We use DoD/DON & industry best practices to conduct business cases analyses to include collection & analysis of application data in the areas of business capability, technical value, mission/strategic, risk & financial profile; compare the application functionality in order to identify applications with similar & redundant capabilities & develop migration plans.

  • We provide technical support to SPAWAR HQ’s Information Assurance (IA) & Cyber Security Program Managers by managing requirements in all areas of FISMA, C&A, IA Work Force, INFOCON’s, CTO’s, & VSYSCOM support

  • We Install/manage enterprise VTC equipment for SPAWAR, PEOC4I, & PEO EIS.

  • We Deliver IT portfolio management oversight support for SPAWAR, PEO C4I, and EIS confirms/manages the SPAWAR portfolio within the authoritative data source DITPR-DON.

  • We Implemented and provide an innovate approach to conference bridge line service that has reduced the total cost of the conference line usage by 60%

  • We implemented the Navy IT procurement process (NAV-IDAS) including the deployment of an enterprise tool used to submit, track & approve all Information Technology Procurement Requests.

  • We provide technical information and management support for application certification, deployment and hosting within the NMCI environment. We provide the SPAWAR Operations Program Manager command-level oversight/execution of NMCI/CoSC activities including issue management, coordinating & developing policies/procedures/standards for acquisition, delivery/management of NMCI service.